Limite of meeting

I am using a meeting since more than 10 days but now with this meeting I cannot see and heard anybody.
This is the link of the meeting

Is there any limitation to used a meeting link like time spend on the meeting or meeting too old?
Thanks in advance

There are no such limits. It can be a network issue on the client or problem with the backend.
Are you web or mobile, if web what is your browser and version?

I used web with chrome.
With this meeting (created about 10 days ago) I can see me but cannot see and heard other people.
With this other one it’s ok (created about 5 days ago)

May be I have used the first link too much?

And you still experience this problem with the first link? If this is the case that would be really strange …
If there is nobody in any of the rooms whether you will use one or another link, should not matter as the room does not exist and will be created in the moment you join.

Note: make sure you change your links after posting them publicly, as you may have uninvited guests.