Limit to number of sessions and users in it

We run online classrooms using Jitsi. We have only 3 users with audio/video enabled but we scale up to 41 sessions in parallel. We see multiple channels drops beyond 100 participants (across all sessions) which is almost 300 channel counts. Any idea or guidance how we can fix this. Till now we have set the following:

  1. Changed /usr/share/jitsi-videobridge/lib/videobridge.rc . VIDEOBRIDGE_MAX_MEMORY to 6GB

2. Added /etc/security/limits.d/nofiles.conf
root soft nofile 102400
root hard nofile 102400
user soft nofile 102400
user hard nofile 102400

3. added /etc/systemd/system.conf

Is there anything else that I can set so that the server supports more than 100 participants or something that I can look into.
We have 12VCPU 32GB RAM Ubuntu Box on Azure.

What about these ?
Also changing the max memory used is not good idea, did you saw out of memory errors?
When this happens what is the machine performance, is there any problem you see?
One other option is to switch to jvb2, which soon will go into stable.

Machine performance was fine. 40% CPU usage with 2 GB of RAM. network bandwidth also holds good, as it goes upto 14 Mbps.

What about the udp buffers, was that applied when you saw the problem?

No we haven’t yet touched the setting mentioned above. What’s the maximum safe limit we can go?

These are the settings we consider safe
Without those settings, if you have monitoring on your machine you should have noticed large % of udp packets dropped by the kernel.