Limit number of participants in a room

How do I limit the number of participants in a room so that not more than a total number of users can join?

const numberOfParticipants = api.getNumberOfParticipants();

Assuming you’re hosting your own Jitsi instance, you can configure the muc_max_occupants prosody module. See:

I am self hosting in docker but is this the same file as shown in the link?


I’m afraid I’m not familiar with how one would configure that module for docker-jitsi-meet, but does look like the same file.

P.S. note for future posts – it might be worth posting under the Docker category for docker specific setup. That’s a useful context for people to know when they try to help.

Yup I changed the tag.

I followed the link but unfortunately the limit is not set for the room.

  1. What does your config look like now?
  2. Did you restart prosody after updating config?
  3. Any errors in prosody log?
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  2. Yes i restarted my docker
  3. no errors as such

I tried to set maximum occupancy as “1” but 3 people can easily join.

I’m afraid I’m not familiar enough with the docker setup to help you debug this, especially with no obvious errors from prosody.

One thing I did note in your config is that you’ve added “muc_max_occupants” to multiple components and virtualhosts. You should only need it in Component "{{ .Env.XMPP_MUC_DOMAIN }}" "muc" section. Change that and try again?

Other than that, I’m afraid I’m out of ideas.

Initially I had added it only there but since it did not work, I tried elsewhere.

try this env var XMPP_MUC_MODULES

I tried it this way but no luck again:

Component "{{ .Env.XMPP_MUC_DOMAIN }}" "muc"
    storage = "memory"
    modules_enabled = {
        {{ if .Env.XMPP_MUC_MODULES -}}
        "{{ join "\";\n\"" (splitList "," .Env.XMPP_MUC_MODULES) }}";
        {{ end -}}
        {{ if and $ENABLE_AUTH (eq $AUTH_TYPE "jwt") -}}
        "{{ $JWT_TOKEN_AUTH_MODULE }}";
        {{ end -}}
        {{ if not $DISABLE_POLLS -}}
        {{ end -}}
    muc_max_occupants = "1"
    muc_room_cache_size = 1000
    muc_room_locking = false
    muc_room_default_public_jids = true

The problem is that docker resets my .lua file no matter if I add the variables mentioned above. Is there a way to avoid this?