Limit Max user per room

Hi …
Is there any way to ristrict the number of cuncurrent session in rooms from server side.
I want if somebody create a room, then only 5 persons can join and others get warning that room is full.

The better way if possible, do it per user. for example if user A create room only 5 persons. User B if created only 10 persons can join to his room.

Third one User A only can create one room not more

P.S:users are registerd and need password to create rooms. Server is self hosted.

Thanks in advanced

Can you please let me know if it is possible or not ?
As I searched didn’t find any topics. Please if discussed before’ where can I find it?
Thanks again :rose:

There is a prosody module “mod_muc_max_occupants.lua”
I believe that you would have to adapt the moon module to identify each conference and inform the maximum value.

I will also need to do something similar in the future