Limit Jitsi to one room per videoBridge

I have a simple question, I;m asking about a possibility, I have been searching for more than a week now, and this is the question that forced me to write it here.

I want to install a Jitsi Meet server with multiple JVBs in separate Servers, and in my use case I will have almost 20 participants per conference, and each server may not handle multiple conferences, so to ensure the quality of my service, I want to limit Jitsi to create one room in each JVB(Server), and because everything is handled by my app, when more servers are required I will programmatically add them before I ask for a new room, so is it possible to create this limit with the current configuration.

I really don’t understand how Jitsi loadbalancing is working, but I know that a room can’t be shared on more than a server.

And if any of you understand it well please tell me what Jitsi will do in case we got a Jitsi with three JVBs and one conference hosted in the first JVB that uses 70% of the CPU, and then a new conference got created so by default it should also go to the first JVB, so in this scenario if the second conference (or room) got may participants that the first JBV can no longer handle, will Jitsi here transfer the second conference to another JVB without interapting the conference or it will get stuck and both conferences will have a bad experience, please help ??

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This is also what I’m researching for my application. have you find something new regarding this?