Limit conferences per jvb

Hi team,

There is something to tweak to avoid a jvb being used for more than 4 conferences at the same time?

We have an application using a couple jms and dozens of jvbs behind haproxy and everything is running fine but sometimes, for some reason, only one server get 6 or 7 conferences and more than 200 participants and when this happens, we have issues in Production.

Due this we want to ensure that every single jvb of our infrastructure do not have more than 4 conferences at the same time.

We are using DigitalOcean C4 (4 CPU Optimized and 8 GB RAM) for every jvb server.

Maybe haproxy is the problem if it’s in front of JVBs. I think that Jitsi can manage the load better then haproxy. But I didn’t any test related with this situation, only my guess…


I think i didn’t explained it well so please forgive me about this. All of our JVBs are behind the Jitsi Meet servers and these JM servers are behind haproxy using url_param “room” for load balancing.

The haproxy does not know about the jvb existence, only the jicofo does. This setup is working really well, the only thing is that jicofo sometimes does not load balancing equally and one jvb is being heavilly used when there are dozens with only 1 conference running (and 40 participants max).

That’s why we need to ensure that one jvb do not receive more than 4 conferences or something to distribute load in a better way.