Limit attendee features during group call

Hi all in the Jitsi community,

thanks a lot for creating jitsi. This is the tool which my son’s primary school has rated as safe enough to keep in touch with children during the corona / covid19 lockdown.

Unfortunately, one thing I notice, is that children in a certain age (when they start using a keyboard themselves) have discovered chat room features and start sending useless texts, smileys, etc during the group call.

Therefore, I think it would be a very needed feature, that the moderator of a call, may no only set a password, but also limit the functionalities made available to regular call attendees. I am thinking of chat room, video, sound, screen sharing, live recording, kicking people out of the call, etc…

I have seen a post in the forum regarding a server configuration for doing something similar (cf. disabling some of the TOOLBAR_BUTTONS in if my understanding is correct.

But since the institutions I am dealing with are not anywhere close from setting up their own jitsi server… it would be super cool to have this feature in the UI front end, available to all. I think this feature would be perfect upon creating the call room.

Wouldn’t this also differentiate jitsi greatly from other video-call tools.

I hope I have not repeated a similar idea which I have not seen in the forum.

And now I either hope the lockdowns do not last that long anymore or that you are extremely fast at introducing new useful features :slight_smile:

Kindest regards from Germany.

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