Limit assessment on the rooms number

I installed Jitsi Meet on UBUNTU 20.04 on a local PC according to the guide and it works fine across the internet.
The computer is an i7 with 16GB ram.
Suppose my rooms host ONLY 2 participants in each video conference and the bandwidth is unlimited what is a practical limit on the rooms number(any assessment is welcome, e.g. from “5 to 100”- I don’t expect a definite answer…)
I. Lesher

Bandwidth is the biggest limiter for Jitsi video conferences. The hits on CPU and RAM are mostly minimal. So your upload/download speeds are the critical determinants of how many meetings you can host. Up/down speeds are always capped - that’s what’s relevant.

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Is there any table/diagram out there that covers that?
I. Lesher

Not sure what you mean, but you can use the following numbers to calculate (to a certain degree of accuracy) how much bandwidth will be used:

180p resolution ~ 200kbps
360p resolution ~ 500kbps
720p resolution ~2500kbps

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Thx Mr. Freddie,
I think I was misleading a little since I concern only on the demands from the JITSI server. The requirements from the participants are neglected.
Please refer to my first question considering only 2 participants on each video conference room.