Limit access to jitsi meet with php authentication

Hi all,

Does anyone has already tried to limit access to jitsi meet apps by using php authentication ?

I would like to limit the room created from the web app or access to any room already launch by going on “/MyRoom” by using login page.

I don’t know if it’s really clear, but what i would like is, when a user is going on my jitsi meet instance, he is redirected to a login page, which ask him for credentials, and redirect him to his room name.

In this model, only user with granted access to a room will be able to access to the specific room.

Thanks for help, and don’t hesitate for more information.

I think you can achieve all that by enabling authentication in Jitsi / Prosody:

Thanks Saghul, but i don’t think it’s really what i need.
I would like to have only “guest” users, no registered account, and set a login page in front of the jitsi app.

Secure domain ask to register users. Isn’t it ?

I see. In that case you could use the token based login:

Hello, One idea would be an instance of jitsi-meet served on localhost only
Your PHP session based front application which proxies local jitsi-meet if conditions are met.