Light-weight jibri?

Jibri is working great for us, but I’m wondering if it could be made to work more efficiently, including the ability to handle multiple conferences on a single server by rewriting it without a chrome browser dependency. I’d be willing to assign someone from my team to do that work if you guys thought it could produce meaningful results.

I don’t know if you are reading this forum before posting, guess not since there was this thread 2 weeks ago explaining that a ‘lightwieht’ approach had been used by the jitsi project and abandoned for the current Jibri.

You are entirely free to take this old project and make it great again if you can but I think extremely unlikely that you will get any kind of help or support from the Jitsi project (talking from general experience of dealing with people who had the painful experience of abandoning something - anything - toward something else, convincing them of going back is exceedingly difficult)

Thanks for illuminating the history for me.

And yes, :slight_smile: I search before posting, but never thought to search for the key word “jirecon” as I just learned about it in your reply, and would have missed the significance even if I happened across it.

I anticipate running hundreds of jibri instances so users experience an instant start of their recording.
So deployment efficiency is more important to me than most users, I suspect.

Anyway, this points me in the right direction, thx.

as you were not the only one asking for this kind of features, hope that some of your work goes toward - this repo accepts issues and pull-requests.

Absolutely! Happy to contribute anything we do that might be of interest to others.

Hello @Omatic,

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