Libjitsi commit<->release correspondence?

Dear all,

I’ve been able to match my own build of jitsi-videobridge with the one installed from repository by finding the proper release tag, e.g. stable/jitsi-meet_3936. Unfortunately, this does not work for libjitsi. So how does one find the libjitsi commit that matches the installation? I wonder how those numbered tags like 1098, 1097 could help out.


  • Dmitry.

Libjitsi also have the stable tags you see in the rest of the projects. Mind that, that library is no longer part of the bridge and soon that bridge will move into stable.

I’m not quite sure. In reposotory I can see only two tags: stable/jitsi-meet_3547 and stable/jitsi-meet_3548. But how do I find one for let’s say stable/jitsi-meet_3936 of videobridge?

You are right we broke it at some point.

To be able to identify it, you need to download jvb source code you like, look at the libjitsi version used in the pom file, then find in the maven repo the commit adding that version which will hold the hash of the library.

We are moving away from libjitsi with jvb2 and second with that move we are changing all components and libraries versions to be like 2.0-54-g82fbc1f, there are holding a tag (2.0), commits since tag creation (54 commits since there was a major or minor change) and a source code hash (82fbc1f).

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I was able to track down the proper libjitsi commit from the maven repo, many thanks!