[lib-jitsi-meet] [videobridge] Room splitting, no voice or video between user groups inside same call

Hi there everyone!

We’ve been having problems with audio and video since October (not entirely sure about dates).

After one of the users refreshes or a new user enters the room weird problems seem to appear.
It looks like the room splits in two where the first group of users can hear and see each other but they can’t do the same for the users in the second group while the second group can hear/see everyone in the room(including users from the first group).
After a user in the first group refreshes and reenters the room he joins the second group, so he’s now able to hear/see everyone but he can’t speak to the users in the first group.

This behavior happens:

  • every time a moderator using chrome exits the room(on other browsers it happens less frequently)
  • sometimes when a user exits and renters
  • sometimes it breaks as soon as a user creates a new room

Here’s a complete log of one entire testing call: https://www.file.io/download/?fileId=DDZueDspv0D5

When the room splits, the chat becomes completely broken, the same for many different events.

We have the latest jitsi-videobridge version.
We are using lib-jitsi-meet in our ReactJS app.
The server is not running behind NAT.
All needed ports are open.

Any given help is much appreciated!