Lib-jitsi-meet URL for docker images

Hey everyone,
First of all, sorry if this was answered before but I’ve searched for some time and I didn’t find any solution related to my issue.

So, I’ve downloaded the latest release of the docker-jitsi-meet repo and managed to bring everything up to a point where the web interface works on my local machine, and I can join a call from different tabs of the browser.

After that, my next step was to try and an create my own gui using the lib-jitsi-meet. Here’s where I get lost, I don’t know what URLs to put in the options. If I put the localhost:8000 in the domain, and //localhost:8000/http-bind in the bosh field, i get this error in the console Strophe: BOSH-Connection failed: improper-addressing. Could you give me some tips of what I could be missing, or point me in the right direction?

I would highly appreciate any kind of help.

Thanks a lot

hi @ionut.morariu

it has discussed about your question, in this topic: