Lib-jitsi-meet ScreenShare issue

Hello all,
I’ve installed an implementation of lib-jitsi-meet on our AngularJS application. It seems to be working fine with the basic functionality of muting and unmuting.
So far so good, but one of our function is to let the user to share its screen. I’ve read a lot of information about how to make our own screen share chrome extension and stuff, but I was not able to see an example or documentation how can I actually initiate a screenshare from the user.
Is there any simple example how this can be done?
Probably it’s pretty simple, but I don’t want to shoot in the dark.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


All the examples are there in jitsi-meet and deployed on

createLocalTracks with devices: [ 'desktop' ]:

Thanks a lot. It is working … going to build a chrome screenshare extension now.