Lib Jitsi Meet: mute then unmute leads to frozen remote video track

Can confirm from our end that we had a similar experience just today. Downgrading the specific version of lib-jitsi-meet that is used by the stable release 4960 resolves the otherwise broken behavior of the mute and unmute functions.

For those of you still seeing this issue with latest lib-jitsi-meet, set the sender video constraint on the conference object and specify what the is the preferred max resolution (height) for the client on conference join.

More info here -

Is this something that can be set in the config?

Unfortunately no.

Will you be able to test the latest to check if this issue is fixed ?

Could you explain further ?

The workaround is not needed anymore. The latest lib-jitsi-meet shouldn’t have any issues with video mute/unmute even if the sender video constraint is not set.

when I mute my local video track, the video get black, but the other clients get my video frozen, how to get my video black too?


Hide the video element, when you receive the status that the remote side had muted its video.

oh,thanks, it works

Hello, i am facing a problem with the unmute/mute video which triggers the conn_status_change event on the participant for no reason.
On the first side i am listening for the conn_status_change event of some of the participants.
On the other side, with one participant when i mute the camera everything is working correctly, but when I unmute the camera, this leads to “connection status = interrupted” and then immediately to “active” after that. Is that correct ??

I spent a day figuring out what was wrong until I saw your post.
Thanks a lot @AymericG, your deserve a hug!