Lib-jitsi-meet: Flexible managing of receiving video quality


I try to acomplish video quality managing (simulcast enabled) using lib-jitsi-meet. I whould like to specify video quality for specific participants to implement my application video layout logic. In my application users may specify explicitly which participants they whould like to see.

For example, I want setup:

  • Receive 720p for participant 1
  • Receive 360p for participants 2 and 3
  • Receive audio only for all others

Api that I found in lib-jitsi-meet:

  • setReceiverVideoConstraint(quality) - specify video quality for selected participants
  • selectParticipants(ids) - specify participants to receive video in specified quality
  • setLastN(n) - setup max receiving video for last N active participants
  • pinParticipant(id) - force select participant ?

It seems that this API is not low level enough for my case? Or lib-jitsi-meet has an other api to acomplish this?


Can somebody from jitsi community answer for this?

That is an excellent question I am looking forward to the answer too.

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we had similar type of issue that might be helpful in this case :