Lib-jitsi-meet example app doesn't work on iOS


I’m trying to get Jitsi running on iOS, but haven’t had any success so far. I’m trying to see if the lib-jitsi-meet example works in an iOS app (wrapped with Apache Cordova), but we’re unable to get remote video to display.

Remote participants are being added (USER_JOINED event is fired) but remote track events aren’t being received (no TRACK_ADDED etc.).

Interestingly, the remote audio still plays through the speakers on the phone but video tracks are seemingly being ignored. The remote participant on the desktop side does see the iOS camera track and can hear the audio correctly, it’s just the iOS device that is unable to render any remote video.

The problem seems to be internet to the lib-jitsi-meet SDK, so I’m not sure how to debug this further. My current setup is a Cordova app using a WKWebView on iOS 13.5, using the Cordova WebRTC plugin based on M69 release of WebRTC.

My Android app :

I am implementing Jisti in my android app using plugin

cordova-plugin-jitsi-meet as available on

My app is built using angular js and cordova


It is giving error

" ReferenceError: JitsiMeetPlugin is not defined "

i am not able to find how to declare the jitsimeetplugin as given on npm website

" Import : declare const JitsiMeetPlugin:any;"

Can anyone help me how to declare JitsiMeetPlugin in my angular js code …