Lib-jitsi-meet doesn't actually use Flow

I recently wanted to try to extract some types from lib-jitsi-meet to use in a in a toy Typescript project I’m working on. I use Flow (tagline: the Betamax of Javascript static typecheckers) at my day job, so as soon as I saw a .flowconfig file in the repository I naturally looked there first. Thing is, as far as I can tell it’s not doing anything. Flow is installed, and Babel is configured to strip out flow types, but none of the js files have the /* @flow */ annotation that’s actually required for them to be typechecked, and in fact if you try to run flow it throws an error because the the .flowconfig file has a comment in the wrong place. Are there plans for, or is there interest in, getting Flow working in the repo? If not, you could probably save some 10s of MB in the node_modules directory by stripping it out.