Lib-jitsi-meet connection retry behaviour


I have created custom application using lib-jitsi-meet.
May I know what is “retry” behavior on connection failure to Jitsi server.
Does lib-jitsi-meet internally handles the retries like does(retry count increases in url) or we have to handle on some event like(CONNECTION_FAILED, CONNECTION_INTERRUPTED).

Thanks in advance.

The retry/reload screen is handled in jitsi-meet based on some connection failed events. You can check jitsi-meet code, where this method is called and you can see all the cases jitsi-meet triggers a reload.

I checked Jitsi meet code, so far I found reloadNow() is getting called on CONNECTION_FAILED event.
I will look more into where else have you guys called same function.

But after reload it will take user as new participant, what if create new connection object and connect? so we won’t have to reload page and user will see something like “we are trying to reconnect”.

If we do this, can we add same local tracks to conference we created the first time? And do we have to clean up prev connection explicitly or Jitsi server does on timeout?

We are using the reload cause this maybe a fatal error, a shard from the deployment had been marked as unhealthy. Doing a reload we will hit again the haproxy which will route it to a new shard in case of failure.

Well that explains reload action, thanks.