Let's Encrypt certificate renewal after hostname change

running Jitsi on Ubuntu Server 20.04.

Hostname updated by *sudo dpkg-reconfigure jitsi-videobridge2* .

Now, how to obtain a Let’s Encrypt certificate for the new hostname?


I don’t think the reconfigure works with let’s encrypt … These are the steps in install let’s ecrypt: jitsi-meet/install-letsencrypt-cert.sh at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

You can follow the steps and try doing it for the new host. An easier way is to purge (uninstall instructions from quick-install guide) everything and start clean.

Well I tried that script but there’s no way to set the new hostname or to force renewal.

I’d rather not to reinstall as I’ve been doing some customizations…


The scrip itself does not have that option, but you can follow the steps in the script and you can understand the places you need to change and how to obtain new certificate for the new domain.

I changed


#remove whitespace

DOMAIN="(echo -e "{DOMAIN}" | tr -d ‘[:space:]’)"



#remove whitespace

DOMAIN="$(echo -e “my.domain.com” | tr -d ‘[:space:]’)"

But it’s not enough…