Let’s Encrypt certificate renewal

Hello dear,

I have a question, I installed jitsi, at the end of December last year, with the Let’s Encrypt certificate. As reported, this has a duration of 90 days and then it must be renewed.
But today when reviewing how much time was left of validity I found that the term of validity had been postponed, it does not expire in March but in May and appears with a renewal date in February.
So, I was wondering if jitsi has a built-in Let’s Encrypt certificate auto-renewal feature? Could you explain to me how this works?

Thank you so much.


Yep, it is auto-renewed. It used to be with a cron job. And now I think this us handled by acme.sh scripts that we use.

Brilliant. And where can I see that? In the code.

Thank you

This is the install command and it configures that by default

You can use acme.sh to get more info.

Perfect, thanks. I will check it there.

Thank you so much