Legacy config file doesn't exist

Hi everyone

First of all, i was able to use jitsi-jibri without problem until this week. I decided to reinstall the jitsi and jibri on my seperated servers (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS). After the reinstalliation i realized the config.json file is changed with the jibri.conf file. I follow a guide for the configuration. When try to record a stream it says “Recording not available”. When i check the jibri log it says: “Legacy config file /etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json doesn’t exist”

Thank you in advice

Thank you for reply @bufio

I configured my jibri.conf file from that link too but i think jibri still trying to find the config.json.
Can you check my jibri.conf (i don’t have a domain name btw)

// An example file showing the fields for the XMPP environment config.
environments = [
// A user-friendly name for this environment
name = “prod environment”

        // A list of XMPP server hosts to which we'll connect
        xmpp-server-hosts = [ "" ]

        // The base XMPP domain
        xmpp-domain = ""

        // The MUC we'll join to announce our presence for
        // recording and streaming services
        control-muc {
            domain = "internal.auth."
            room-name = "JibriBrewery"
            nickname = "jibri"

        // The login information for the control MUC
        control-login {
            domain = ""
            username = "jibri"
            password = "1234"

        // An (optional) MUC configuration where we'll
        // join to announce SIP gateway services
        sip-control-muc {
            domain = "internal.auth."
            room-name = "JibriBrewery"
            nickname = "jibri"

        // The login information the selenium web client will use
        call-login {
            domain = ""
            username = "recorder"
            password = "1234"

        // The value we'll strip from the room JID domain to derive
        // the call URL
        strip-from-room-domain = ""

        // How long Jibri sessions will be allowed to last before
        // they are stopped.  A value of 0 allows them to go on
        // indefinitely
        usage-timeout = 1 hour

        // Whether or not we'll automatically trust any cert on
        // this XMPP domain
        trust-all-xmpp-certs = true


Thank you so much !

I tried to add the old config.json file too. I really got confused here. Also my jibri log still says

org.jitsi.jibri.webhooks.v1.JwtInfo.Companion.fromConfig() Unable to create JwtInfo: com.typesafe.config.ConfigException$Missing: reference.conf @ jar:file:/$file:/opt/jitsi/jibri/jibri.jar!/reference.conf: 43: No configuration setting found for key ‘signing-key-path’

@damencho can you help me?

Also i am facing that error. and i can`t understand

Ignore that warning. config.json has been deprecated.

In the jibri log Legacy config file /etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json doesn’t exist. and then recording and live streaming failed to start
jibri.conf.txt (2.3 KB)

jibri.log (2.8 KB)