LDAP with TLS not working



I’ve configured my Jitsi server to authenticate against LDAP and it’s working great as long as I’m using “clear” LDAP on port 389.

I’m not the biggest fan of sending clear text passwords through the internet, so I want to use TLS for this. My LDAP server (OpenLDAP) supports clear LDAP and STARTTLS on port 389 as well as LDAPS on port 636.

But as soon as I’m using the “use_tls” parameter, Jitsi just get stuck after entering the credentials when it tries to negotiate agains the LDAP server:

authentication = 'ldap2' 
ldap = {
hostname      = 'ldap.myserver.de:389',
use_tls       = true,

The same happens when I try to connect to port 636.

My server has an official certificate, so that’s also not the issue.

What is wrong here with Jitsi or my configuration?


Do you see any exceptions in the logs?


Hi netmax, how do you setup ldap auth?