LDAP and local users

Dear all,

i have successful installed and running meet / jibri with LDAP (Cyrus SASL) integration into AD.
Now i have the “problem” that we should allow our other locations (outside of our AD) to participate in jitsi-meet.
My Problem : The additional AD-Accounts are not a practical way to allow participation (and initiate a meeting) with us.
I didn’t found a way to create local accounts in prosody and use them in addition to the LDAP-Accounts.
i tryed the creation with : prosodyctl register tom meet-vk.xxxxxxx.yyy
The Error is : Error: Account creation/modification not available with Cyrus SASL.

Did i miss something to allow local accounts in addition to LDAP-Accounts ?

kr Tom
PS: i tried the LDAP-integration with LDAP2-Module, but have no success with this (other story) … Would it be possible with ldap2-module ?