LB jitsi-videobridge

Hi @damencho.
Currently, I have 1 JVB in the US, 1 JVB in Vietnam and I have configured OCTO. For example, I have about 1000 participants in the US and 2,000 participants in Vietnam, I want to increase 1 JVB in Vietnam. How do I get balance load 2000 participants for 2 JVB in Vietnam? As far as I know, JVB is balancing load by region and each region is 1 JVB


After region then jicofo chooses bridge for the conference comparing current bitrate used on the instance:

Thank you Damencho for your prompt answer. As I understand from the code, jicofo will select a VB of that region having less bitrate. I have one more question for you. Is it possible to configure multiple JVBs in the same area? And how do loadbalance when have more participant connect to same region?.
Example: 4 JVB same configuration “org.jitsi.videobridge.REGION=region1

do you know how to jicofo balance a JVB in the same region ?