Layout problem in recorded video

Hi, I am very new to Jitsi and I found the videos and audios are much better than any other video conferencing software. I am still in experimental stage on However, after I recorded a video with 2 users. The layout in the videos ain’t looking good, The second person only shows half of the face. Is there any problem on the server or it is my problem?

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Looks like an xorg resolution issue; if so, this is on the server. Can you try another recording just to confirm?

I actually tried few times, Even restarting computer and open up different browser but still getting the same layout.
Currently I am connected to ap-southeast-2 server.

Likely a server configuration that needs to be corrected then.

@bbaldino can you please check?

@Aaron_K_van_Meerten Can you check when you are back?

@Aaron_K_van_Meerten we reproduced it, it is a UI problem that needs addressing in jitsi-meet.

any update?

I just tested again on and this fix is applied and my test recording is working as expected.