Layout of the Startpage


i installed jitsi-meet on Ubuntu 18.04/nginx with the quick-install Guide. Everythings works.

The only thing i need to change right now is the Title of the Startpage, the Text on it and the Background Color. Im a noob so can anybody please help me to get understand from where to start and what steps ecxactly i need to do to accomplish that?

It’s not that simple, that there are html files to edit isnt it? I searched trough all the directorys but cant find anything. I dont understand if it has something to do with build something and edit .js files…


This is a React app, you need to edit js. You need to download and build jitsi-meet

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What damencho has above is the correct way of editing the file.

A quick and dirty short cut (not recommend) is to search for the “text” in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs/app.bundle.min.js file and edit it. Make a copy before editing just in case.


Why this is not recommended? It would be just a small edit, isnt it? Im sorry im really not into coding or build source codes…

So this means, not to install it the quick-install way, but download the source ( and build it in any way. is there an tutorial/documentation how to do that?

Im sorry never that something like taht before. I downloaded the archive and see all the files in the tar archive. What i need to do with them?

Go ahead and edit the file. No harm. You will immediately see the change in the front-end once the browser is refreshed.

When you upgrade/reinstall Jitsi, just remember to edit the app bundle file again.

Hi, I already have JItsi up and running with the quick install. Everything is working perfectly.
Changing the text on the front page is a bit challenging. I trued editing the /usr/share/jitsi-meet/lang/main-enBG.jason because I found all the text there. However, unlike changing images from /usr/share/jitsi-meet/images which works fine with adding / replacing images, the text changes don’t show.

EDIT: All good. I did it the hard way instead, much faster