"Launch in Web" with Iframe Api

I try to embed Jitsi meet iframe (with the domain domain = ‘meet.jit.si’, not a self hosting) in a Wordpress page.
It works fine but I want any mobile browser to launch automatically with “Launch in Web” while overriding the options of “join this meeting using the app”, “Download the app”, “Launch in Web”.
Is it possible?
I. Lesher

You can pass disableDeepLinking=true as a URL param in the meeting link and mobile clients will automatically bypass that selection screen.

I use the following Url with desktop:
With mobile I use the following Url but still it doesn’t do the job.
It actually starts with the iframe window and immediately return to the standard page…
Any idea?
I. Lesher

That should be:

Thx Sir,
I did that either(in 2 distinct phones)but still not working.
Could it be something with the fact that I’m using a subdomain or some limitation in my hosting?
I. Lesher

Oooh you’re using iFrame.

It works perfectly fine if I use meet.jit.si directly:


With iFrame, I believe you have to use configOverwrite and specify the option in your definition. Example:

This has stopped working recently. Earlier it was working fine. Could you help please.

Found that changes are made and now its deeplinking : {disabled : true }