Launch browser in mobile by default

I want mobile users to get browser immeditly overridung the application options.
Googling I the following:
In your config.js file change disableDeepLinking to true sudo vi /etc/jitsi/meet/ … “disableDeepLinking: true,” …
Unfortunately it didn’t change it even after restarting prosody, jicofo and jitsi-videobridge2
However using it in the meeting url like in the following did work.
Any idea?

That’s strange. It should work. Did you uncomment the line in your config.js?

Yes I did. But now I may found what is wrong.
Another programmer has installed the sources on my computer and as a result it may be located elsewhere.
The make file is not in “~/jitsi-meet/” folder but in “srv/jitsi-meet”.
Can you say from that info where its located?
By the way, the FQDN is
I. Lesher

Ok Sir,
I found the config file myself and solve the problem.
So please ignore the issue.
I. Lesher