Latest update broke everything

Hi i’ve updated to:
jitsi-meet/stable,now 2.0.5390-1 all [installed]
jitsi-meet-prosody/stable,now 1.0.4628-1 all [installed,automatic]
jitsi-meet-turnserver/stable,now 1.0.4628-1 all [installed,automatic]
jitsi-meet-web/stable,now 1.0.4628-1 all [installed,automatic]
jitsi-meet-web-config/stable,now 1.0.4628-1 all [installed,automatic]
jitsi-videobridge2/stable,now 2.1-416-g2f43d1b4-1 all [installed,automatic]
from some december versions.

Now I lost avatars that were pushed from Rocketchat by JWT.
Jigasi fails to make calls.
And startvideomuted setting does not work anymore.

Usually I managed to restore settings after update that keep resetting every time. But now I give up )
Anyone noticed something like this?