Latest Tutorial for Load Balancing (Single Jitsi-Meet, multiple videobridges) Easy Steps?

I was following the link: DevOps Guide (scalable setup) · Jitsi Meet Handbook
Which is too complicated and chance of missconfig is very high.
Do we have anyone to do the scalling setup using Single Jitsi-Meet, multiple videobridges.

Some tutorial uses the pubsub and some of muc.
Which one is better?

Pubsub doesn’t exist anymore

Yes, thank you.
We are following Install Jitsi Meet and configure load balancing - Samuel Nitsche
But it crashed when more than 2 participants joined the conference.
No errors in log files.

Probably you haven’t forwarded the udp port 10000 or there is some problem for which jvb logs will tell you more.

So, I ran ufw status verbose
you can see in logs file, ports are enabled.

ufw_status.txt (1.9 KB)