Latest Release of Jitsi Meet Server Causes Chromium Browsers to Blurs Jitsi in Background When a Seperate Window Overlaps in Fullscreen

Long title. But we have discovered an issue that seems to specific with Chromium based browsers on Windows 10. This started occurring after installing the latest update for the Jitsi server components a couple days ago. If you have Jitsi window and tab open, and you fullscreen a separate window, chrome or a completely separate program, over the top of the Jitsi window, Jitsi freezes and is blurred.

This is clearly some kind of back-grounding of the Chrome process when Windows sees the window is covered, and is primarily an issue for us because we livestream with Jitsi and have OBS displaying separate windows. This creates an issue where the individual can’t rely on OBS to stream both windows correctly even when they use the same screen for multiple windows.

Very strange and very specific, but clearly Windows is trying to freeze something related to the video process on the Chrome window. We do not see this behavior on Linux with Chrome or with Firefox on Windows.

Intel i5-3470S processor with an Intel HD

Jitsi install (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS):

jitsi-meet/stable,now 2.0.5390-3 all [installed]
jitsi-meet-prosody/stable,now 1.0.4628-1 all [installed,automatic]
jitsi-meet-web/stable,now 1.0.4628-1 all [installed,automatic]
jitsi-meet-web-config/stable,now 1.0.4628-1 all [installed,automatic]
jitsi-videobridge2/stable,now 2.1-416-g2f43d1b4-1 all [installed,automatic]

We have screenshots although we prefer to not post them publicly since they contain some identifying information.