Latest Jitsi Meet upgrade messed up all configurations

Hi to all, I am pretty new with jitsi config, but I am very enthusiast about its ease of use and its features.

I am really thinking in making a customization to integrate with our pbx in order to make pepole able to connect also with phone.

But my problem is another.
I would like to update to the latest version, but all things I personalized in jitsi get lost after the update.
Is there a way to preserve modified files after upgrade?

Because I don’t remember how many files I have edited.

I had to roll back to a previous snapshot, because even if my VM is on a direct public IP and it’s not behind a NAT when I start a meeting and the second person gets in, i receive the error “Something went wrong… ecc… ecc…”.

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This is a known, reported issue, see :

Unfortunately you have to revert to a previous backup of your setup if you experienced this :frowning: