Latest Jitsi Electon Update 2023.5.2 Broke Link, Opens to Blank Page with Jitsi Meet at Top Left

Dear Support.

Your latest automatic update broke the Jitsi Electon Link I had on my taskbar. It was where I stored all the Meeting Names/URL’s I use.

When I click on the Link now, it opens to blank page. And says Jitsi Meet in top left upper corner. But is otherwise blank.

I uninstalled and re-installed Jitsi Electron from your “downloads page”. But no joy. It is still the same problem: the Jitsi link opens to a blank page.

I am using Vivaldi, which is based on Chrome architecture. Have been using Jitsi Electron for several months now.

What do I do?
I use Jitsi Meet for all my conference calls. Now I have no way to open the Link where I store my Meeting Names/URL’s.

This is the third time this has happened. Is there a way to stop the updates from automatically updating?



Sorry about that. A fix has been made and a new release will be out shortly.

No, you cannot disable auto-updates.


Okay. Thanks.

I will look out for a new release.

Lets hope the release issues sooner rather than later.



The new release should be available shortly.

Hi Saghul:

Thanks for putting out a “fix” for this problem.

And doing so, so promptly.

For anyone with the same problem, you can download the fix here:

Thanks again -


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