Latest jibri not working


Hi All,
I would like to know if anyone else having trouble recording / streaming using latest jibri. previously, I was using 5.0.57-1 and it was working fine. but recently, after updating packages jibri-6.0.59-1 stopped working. I mean when I checked the service status it shows jibri is running. but when I click recording button, it says “all jibri are busy”. I even tried with my own latest jitsi deployment and it is still not working. However when I downgraded the package to 5.1.58-1 it started working.

  1. How to solve this issue?
  2. also I would like to know, how can I transfer the file to my file(samba) server? I saw in the config file there is an option finalize_recording_script_path but not sure how ? can anyone give an example shell script to do this task??


Changes were recently made to Jibri to make failures “persist” so that, if Jibri has an issue during one recording/stream we don’t select it again after that one is over. It’s possible you’re seeing something related to that. Can you attach your jibri logs?


Hi @bbaldino,
Thanks for reply. here is the logs. I have changed my domain name in the logs though. hope thats ok. I am using secure domain btw,

Jibri versions,
OS: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
Jibri: 6.0.59-1
Chrome: 70.0.3538.77
ChromeDriver: 2.43.600233

  1. JS console log
  2. Jicofo log
  3. Jibri log


Nothing jumping out there, but, did you upgrade Jicofo as well as Jibri? The Jibri changes are not backwards compatible, so both Jicofo and Jibri need to be upgraded.


I see I will give it a try after update