LastN Configuration Videobridge Conf vs Config.js


Up to now, I configure lastn limits at config.js but I see that videobridge also has that config with stable-5765.


// LastN limits based on conference size. Maps a conference size to the maximum number of streams that will be
    // forwarded to endpoints in a conference of that size or larger (up until the next entry).
    conference-last-n-limits {
      // With these example values conferences with size<20 endpoints can have arbitrary lastN, conferences with
      // 20 < size <= 29 can have lastN at most 20, conferences 30 < size <= 50 can have lastN at most 15.
      #20 = 20,
      #30 = 15,
      #50 = 10,
      #90 = 2


// Provides a way to use different "last N" values based on the number of participants in the conference.
    // The keys in an Object represent number of participants and the values are "last N" to be used when number of
    // participants gets to or above the number.
    // For the given example mapping, "last N" will be set to 20 as long as there are at least 5, but less than
    // 29 participants in the call and it will be lowered to 15 when the 30th participant joins. The 'channelLastN'
    // will be used as default until the first threshold is reached.
    // lastNLimits: {
    //     5: 20,
    //     30: 15,
    //     50: 10,
    //     70: 5,
    //     90: 2
    // },

where is the correct place to configure lastn? Or if both reference.conf and config.js are configured, which one overrides other?

Thank you

The bridge last-n limits were added to prevent clients (using iFrame) from bringing down infrastructure after the 500 participant support was announced. The bridge config overrides the client last-n limit setting. If you are not worried about this on your deployment, you can continue to use the client last-n-limits. Please note that with the latest changes in UI w.r.t pagination, the client lastNLimits are also not needed anymore since the client would be requesting video only for the thumbnails that are visible in the UI.


Thank you for this satisfactory answer. :raised_hands:t2: