Last-n configuration

Hi all,

could you suggest me the best configuration of the last-n parameter for the following scenario:
only one moderator who shares the screen & 20/25 guests (no need to share your screen)


one moderator can share screen/video (and should see all guests video … or no video?)

lastN is more about dominat speaker, auto-switching video and so on
channelLastN parameter/configuration is maybe what could usefull for you
otherwise work/develope with the external_api … cut down functionality/user-interface like you need it…

Is correct, one moderator can share screen and should see all guest video.

I try with channelLastN configuration

My goal is to minimize bandwidth and CPU usage

in “/etc/jitsi/meet/YourDomain-config.js” look at
constraint … lower the video-resolution min/max values … saves bandwidth
disableAudioLevels … reduces CPU usage on client-side (read here more about)

and of course think about supported browser for your jitsi …
jitsi doesn’t really support firefox simulcast yet and thats causes some CPU spikes and other problems, like higher traffic and so on (see)

Is it possible to configure the jitsi-videobridge that the only owner can see all the screen share of all the participants meaning the rest of the participants is not able to see the screen share of other participants? In this case JVB will not forward the stream to all but only to the owner of the conference

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Did you manage to implement it?