Large Number of Participant and Jitsi-Meet Log Level


When doing large number of participant traffic test, I realize that chrome goes to unresponsive situations. I suspect about log level of the jitsi-meet whose log level is trace by default.

I wonder if you have any plan to change log level or do you think that this log level has minor effect on client performance?

thank you.

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AFAIK we don’t have plans to change the log level on

What I have noticed is that the client performance in large calls seems worse if I open the JS console compared to the use case when I don’t have JS console opened. I’m speculating here but it seems to me that Chrome is optimising logging when the JS console is not opened.

Thanks for posting the question! I’m definitely interested in playing with the log levels and measure the performance impact. Will let you know what are the results. If we find out that there is a significant impact on the client performance we will definitely want to reduce the log level on your production deployments and probably even reduce the logs that we currently print.


thank you @Hristo_Terezov ,

I will inform you about our performance test results also.