Large, administered conferences

Is Jitsi Meet suitable for conferences with over 90 participants? Can an administrator activate the microphone of a particular participant in the order in which his hand was raised?

That would be a good feature on any JitSi meeting
I made the mistake of muting everybody on a recent meeting to discover that I could not unmute individuals. As it was the first time many had used JitSi …I had an interesting 5 minute training exercise going through how to unmute their mic

@Andy_White, “Remote unmute” by a moderator is not something supported as of April, 2020. There is a long discussion on the ‘super mute’ capability here:

As fast as I know this is still a feature not on the roadmap due to privacy concerns.


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Yes, however you may need more than one video bridge, if you are hosting your own Jitsi infrastructure. Please see this post for more details. Host a meeting with 500 people - ideas?

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Memo to self. Search the discussions before “knee jerking” a comment.
Having read the discussion you linked…It all makes good sense, we got over the problem and having the zoom ability to unmute someone… does smack of “big brother”