Languages and Frameworks used by Jitsi

Is there one place that lists (or otherwise could someone tell me), all the programming languages and frameworks for each component of Jitsi Meet, ie:

Jitsi Meet Web Client
Jitsi Meet iOS app
Jitisi Meet Android app
Jitsi Meet Server

That is enourmous list of libraries … Overall this is javascript, java, kotlin, objective-c, lua …
All javascript dependencies are here
The java one ypu can checkout jicofo and jvb code and execute mvn dependency:tree and you will end up with 200-400 dependent libraries …

Hi @damencho thanks for your reply. To clarify I’m not looking for a list of all libraries and dependencies. Rather high level, eg Web Client uses React JS for instance, and whether Android app is native Java or React Native etc.

I see, there is no page of such listings. But the code is there to be checked and yes it is react and react native with redux for web and mobile and just few native things in java and objective-c, I think.