Language translation in meeting


I want to try the language translation. Can we do it with current JITSI ?

Person1 and Person2 both are from different country and they want to communicate. In case of someone speak in english that should be converted into Spanish or any other language and vice versa.

Can we achieve it any how? Guide the way how can we achieve it?

There is such an option of jigasi using speech2text and translate services of google. Only there is no UI for that, but can be signalled …

I mean to say, audio language translation English To Spanish or any other based on user from which country. ( Like, If I speak in English language then you’ll hear in Asturian language )

I’m aware about the transcription and how to enable it. ( Speech to Text as subtitle of conference )

No option to generate audio at the moment

Thank you.

Using videobridge can we get audio/video streaming of meetings? I don’t want to user jibri/jigasi for it.

jigasi is used for audio dial-in and jibri is your only available option to stream a meeting to rtmp services.