Language german not showing

i have a server specifically for Jitsi, ubuntu 20.04 running OK.

Just that whatever i do, i do not get the user-inteface in german.
Set the default language to “de”
Disabled automatic language recognition.
Restarted everything.
Checked the locales in linux.

Now the locale is de_DE.UTF-8
the json-files are named, and
could it be that this should be deDE like with the spanish portugese language esPT?


Have you tried checking it in incognito mode?

Thanks for the blazing fast reaction!

Yes i have but it still shows english only.

Chrome can translate but i would like the languagefile to be used.


If you open do you see your setting?


in etc/jitsi/meet/meet.domain.tld-config.js
I have
defaultLanguage: ‘de’,

That i found in internet.
“domain.tld” stands for our domain.


At what page are you checking? What about the menus in the meeting?

If i start the main page, I can go to “settings” choose “more” and see language “deutsch” but the rest of the screen is in english.

When i start a meeting, click on the three dots, than on “me” my profile shows “deutsch” as language but the interface is in english.


In my setup the files are named countries-de.json, languages-de.json, and main-de.json.

you are right, that is the same with my install.

i have discovered that the locale in Linux was not de_DE.UTF8 - I have changed that but i still do not get Jitsi in German.
I have 2 similar servers but so far only one is in german, The one where i need german still is in english.
I emptied the local storage of the browser allthough it had “language de”

I just do not see what i am missing.

Any hint is welcome,


Maybe your browser is english?

Hi and thanks keithbayer

no, my browser is in german. I also checked the local storage the browser uses and language is “de” there.
I have an almost identical server where jitsi shows everything in german, i must be missing some very simple thing . . .
I went through the whole stack several times without luck so far.

Maybe someone has another hint.


Maybe the Language File is corrupted, and some values cannot be read and therefore the english default values are taken? Has it been edited? What happens if you replace it with this jitsi-meet/main-de.json at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Thank you very much keithbayer,

I will try that today, That is something i did not think off.


Did you try to change it in the profile page?


Yes i did, it is set to “Deutsch”.