Lagging when trying to connect to YouTube for livestream

I can’t seem to connect this with YouTube first of all when I connect to YouTube it lagged very bad I use stream yard and Google hangouts with no problem and also when I try to connect to YouTube it takes a while to connect it says bad connection Hope you can help thank you

No matter what Streaming Service you use, you are always going to have anywhere between a 10-15 second delay. It’s just how fast the data gets from one server to another, also I experience this too but the issue is I’m using test Virtual Machines sharing a 1Gbps Internet connection. From what I’ve read in the forums here, the Jitsi developers recommend you use a dedicated server or dedicated resources virtual machine/vps with at least a 10Gbps Internet connection. That should fix any connection issues at least to my knowledge.

Thank you sir I will give that another try

For the jibri machine (which streams to youtube) a 100Mbps connection should be fine.


Thank you sir