Kubernetes scaling - DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS

Hi guys,

I’ve read already some threads here on the forum about kubernetes scaling and multiple videobridges.
But I still have one problem, that I can’t solve - the env DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS.

Lets say I have a cluster with 3 nodes. Each node has its own public IP. Now I have three jvbs configured via a statefulset - but I can’t control on which node they spin up. The same applies to a recycling of a node - it will get a new IP from the hoster and in this case I would need to somehow keep track of this.
Is DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS supposed to be the public IP of the node, that the jvb statefulset is running on? Or can it be any IP from a node from the node-pool of the cluster? I read different things in the documentation and in some threads here.
Does anyone have an idea how to manage this?

Thanks a lot for your help!