Kubernetes Jitsi Deployment

I don’t know a complete documentation about this

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Just an require an input from your side. Will the below link suffice our above mentioned need?

I’m not familiar with Docker but I didn’t see any config/info related in the auto scaling in this doc. It seems like a simple installation based on Docker.

HI @emrah

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The above link contain Install guide for kubernetes.

What I want to know is , Will the Kubernetes based installation suffices the need for auto scaling ?

You can use metric server, or prometheus to collect stats and configure kubernetes for HPA. You can use a custom script for JVB to scale with different service ports so that JVB can scale based on the cpu/memory or network IO.

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Can you please suggest any link that we can follow to achieve the same.
Just want to clarify, will the above approach suffice our need ?
basically want to have highly available at all times but optimize costs when the load is low. i.e scale up & scale down?