[Kubernetes/Helm] Problems with "krakazyabra/jitsi-helm" Integration

Greetings! We have tried several Jitsi+Jibri integration repositories on K8s, with no luck. The last one we have half-heartedly tried was the one from GitHub - krakazyabra/jitsi-helm: Helm chart for HA Jitsi-meet.

  • We managed to set up to generate a video call without problems, but we have encountered problems with browsers such as Firefox giving problems with video and audio from other users.

  • In addition, if a third user joins the video call, video and audio are lost (same as the picture). Subsequently, it gives a warning to try to rejoin.

  • Another bug is when at any time, the connection is lost and you try to rejoin the video call. When the call ends, it even prompts you to try to reconnect.

  • On the other hand, we tried to configure Jibri, but there is no information on the steps to follow. It was no problem to integrate Jitsi and Jibri in a VPS, but we prefer to have this service scalable.

Some minor things like changing the logo or configuring the jitsi config file to disable functions are doubts that generated. Help would be appreciated.