Knocking Participants Prompt to all Moderators

Is there anyone has an idea about how to achieve this in lobby feature. When primary moderator grants some participants to be a co-moderator and when someone join the lobby, the knocking participants feature only shows on primary moderator but not to other granted moderators.

Any advise please?

I think I know what you mean, but to double check:

  • Some users are knocking
  • Moderator A grants moderation rights to user B
  • User B doesn’t see the list of knocking participants moderator A is still seeing

Is this correct?

Yes, i want all moderators to see all the knocking participants so they could help the main moderator.

Right now that will happen only if the participant started knocking after someone gets promoted to a moderator. We’d need some extra stuff to trigger the knocking events for a participant who was just promoted.

Ping @damencho how hard would this be?

Well we are already listening for moderator change in role and entering the lobby. This is the case with single moderator and moderator reloads, we already have running tests for that, so this case should be already handled.