"Knock Knock" on User enters Lobby

Greetings everyone!

We enabled the lobby feature and now we would like to play a sound file on the moderator jitsi window.

Person A is waiting in a Room X for Person B. B now wants to join X. A is currently working in another window or just not paying attention to the jitsi window, thus he wont allow B.

Is it possible to play a sound file on the window of A to notify him “Hey someone wants to enter the room”?

We have installed jitsi on our own Server.

Thanks, in advance :slight_smile:

did you install jitsi meet from apt or did you recompile the code?

In case you manage to get your hands on the code, I can help you.



We installed from jitsi-meet, but we have already solved the problem.

We are now using the jitsi client api and there is a listener “participantJoined”. If this event gets fired, a sound file is playing on the client.

Thanks for your response tho! :slight_smile:

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participantJoined is fired when participant finally joined in the room, not when waiting in the lobby. I need an event notification when someone click Ask to Join & then waits before admins Admit them, to let Admins know that someone is waiting before joining in the room, already tried ‘knockingParticipant’ event but it’s not firing sadly.