Kickout participant creates new room


The issue observed in instance. Removing a participant is taking the user to a new conference room.

Observed the below error for a kicked-out participant.
ChatRoom.js:1719 Uncaught (in promise) Error: The timeout for the confirmation about leaving the room expired.
at r (ChatRoom.js:1719)
at ChatRoom.js:1705

Tried increasing the timeout duration but didn’t work.
Any suggestions or help on the above issue is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

It does not go to any other room, but the link stays the same and just the participant leaves the current meeting with a notification:

Thanks for the reply and clarification. :smiley:

The removed participant is able to invite others to the same meeting from which the participant was removed.
Thus allowing others to join the ongoing meeting. (Enabling other participants to join meeting by the participant been removed).

Once the participant is removed, the participant should be redirected to the Welcome page?

One possible way I figured to achieve this:
Call the hangup (with the timeout if required) after kickedOut.

Please let me know if any suggestions on the same.