Kick user not showing

I have set up Jitsi including secure domain. Now I’ve noticed the option to kick a user doesn’t show up. Not even to the moderator. Muting single and all users is no problem, but there is just no way for kicking. I’ve already checked the config.js for meet and the interface_config.js. I noticed the line to disable kicking for guests. While that should be enabled, it would be great if kicking was possible at all. Only if I set that option to false.

The comment for the option states “button will not be presented for users without a JWT”. While I have no clue what a JWT is and only know that it has something to do with some tokens, what is going wrong that the creator of the room seems to be seen as a guest in this aspect?

Authentication is done via the auth_ldap2 module. The manual for it has a commented out line “-- admin?” in the user section. Does this has anything to do with the error?
Also, the conference component in prosody has a commented out line “-- “token_verification”;”, is that the cause?

PS: the prosody config contains much more than the installation manual states, it is automatically created when installing form Debian packages following this guide.

Did you find the fix for this?

No. But it looks like it has been fixed in the last update about a month back or so

oh ok, you don’t know the commit ID?

No. I’m not pulling it from GitHub, I get it through their Debian package repositories